The Blessed Justo Takayama Ukon Mission Station

About Our Faith Community

The Church Project

His Eminence José Cardinal Advíncula canonically established the Blessed Justo Takayama Mission Station on March 25th, 2021, the same day His Eminence was appointed the Archbishop of Manila. He left us with the task of raising money to build our church. It is a monumental task, but the community is up for it. Please consider donating to our new church.

Our Community

The Mission Station is composed of 45 Basic Ecclesial Communities, with 20 chapels. Every month our pastor, Rev. Fr. Krys Joseph Señerez visits each chapel to say Mass. The new church, the first in the Philippines under the patronage of Blessed Justo Takayama Ukon of Manila, will become the central place of worship for these communities. This church will unite us closer in Christ.

Help us grow into the future. All donations, big or small are greatly appreciated.

Our Church Staff

Our Pastor:

Mission Station Priest: Rev. Fr. Krys Joseph Señerez

Mission Station Pastoral Council Officers:

President: Mrs. Melody Bayog

Worship: Mrs. Jaypie Apolinario

Education: Mrs. Gerlie Venigas

Service: Mrs. Diana Valiente

Temporalities: Mrs. Noime M. Pamoso

Youth: Ms. Renamie Andres

Finance Council Officers:

Mrs. Nida Labarosa

Mrs. Ethel Graellos

Mrs. Gemma Gallano

Archdiocese of Capiz

Archbishop-Elect: The Most Rev. Victor Barnuevo Bendico

Cardinal Patron

Archbishop of Manila: His Eminence José Cardinal Advíncula

At present, our pastor Rev. Fr. Krys Joseph Señerez is collecting and administering all PayPal donations.

Blessed Justo Takayama Ukon, pray for us!

“Go up into the hill country;

bring timber, and build the house

that I may be pleased with it,

and that I may be glorified, says the LORD.”

(Haggai 1:8)

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